Judges 2022


Overall Cattle Judge -  James Anderson, Lauder

Aberdeen Angus Cattle - Robert Marshall, Inverurie

Beef Shorthorn and British Blonde Cattle - John Scott, Tain

Highland Cattle and Pedigree Cattle – AOB - Stephen Hunter, Allanton

Simmental and Charolais Cattle - Colin Inglis, Aberdour

Limousin Cattle - Andrew Gammie, Laurencekirk

Commercial Cattle - Louise Ballantyne, Mayhole


Clydesdale Horses - Mr M Noble, Balmedie

Pure-Bred/Part-Bred Mountain & Moorland and Registered Highland Pony - Miss H Dick

Registered Shetland Ponies and Miniature Shetland Ponies - Mrs H Wilson

Light Legged – In Hand and Ridden Horses/Pony Section - Mrs C Robertson

Ride Judge - Mrs A Johnston

Overall Sheep Judge - Stephen Sutherland, Thurso

Blackfaced Sheep - James Ramsay

Texel Sheep - Robert Coeburn, Errol

Suffolk Sheep and OPS - Craig Patterson

Cross Sheep - David Stewart, Blairgowrie

Jacob Sheep - Ewan McMillan, Fintry

Zwartble Sheep - Faye Wilkie