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Judges 2023 


Overall Cattle – Duncan MacGregor

Aberdeen Angus and Any other Native Breed – Emma Hodges

Beef Shorthorn and Highland Cattle – David Rowbottom

Charolais and Simmental – Abbie Anderson

Limousin and Any other Continental Breed – Michael Burns

Commercial Cattle – Craig Robertson



Overall Sheep – Roderick Runicman

Blackfaced Sheep – Archie MacGregor

Cross Sheep -  Raymond Bayne

Texel and Blue Texel Sheep – David McKerrow

Other Pedigree Sheep – Ewan Macarthur

Jacob Sheep – Kay Carpenter

Zwartble Sheep – Faith Miskelly

Suffolk Sheep – David Miskelly

Clydesdale - Ronnie  Black and Isla Miller

Pure Bred/Part-Bred Mountain & Moorland - Sharon Ferguson and Dennis Andrews

Registered Highland Pony - Jane McNaught

Registered Shetland Ponies - Ian Spence

Miniature Shetland Ponies - Ian Spence

In Hand Horses & Ponies - Fiona Thomson

Ridden Horses & Ponies - Fiona Thomson , Ride Judge - Marion MacLennan

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